January 25, 2010


This past January 6th. I went to the most wonderful city on earth: New York. I had never been there and I was so anxious to get to know many diferent places while I was there. My main interest obviously, was to go to designer stores, department, and vintage shops; and I accomplished it. My favorite new store that I had never been in was UNIQLO; this japanese clothing brand that projects quality, fun, and the most important: low prices!

There's just one UNIQLO in the US, and is only located at Soho in NYC. If you have the opportunity to go there, please do so, because you wont regret it. The pieces they carry are made with excelent quality, the colors are amazing, and it's something everyone can afford, not to mention the great taste in fashion.

Here is the web page link so you can visualize the concept and tell me what you think:

P.S. They are introducing this new +J line that is very elegant, sophisticated and you know, cheap :) totally awesome.