April 29, 2010

New American Designers 2

New American Designers 1

The Trilby

Topman's new line of summer hats is bringing sexy back! Be sure to get yours.

April 28, 2010

YSL fall '10

YSL is bringing the elegance that is well known for this fall. Excellent tailoring with a bit of risk.

April 17, 2010

My top fragrances

Today I was smelling all the perfume department at Bloomingdales and I fell in love with the smell of the new CH fragrance for men, it smells like spring lol. Seriously, I want it now! And speaking of fragrances, these are my favorite at the moment:
Caroline Herrera for men
Gucci Pour Homme III

YSL L'Homme

April 15, 2010

Dsquared² gets punky

I've never been a huge fan of Dsquared², but I have to recognize that they are innovating their brand and, going out of the "camping color splash" box, and inventing new kinds of style, like this punky dark edge, that I'm loving. "Instead of buffalo plaid and trapper hats, this season we get slouchy, skinny black pants; studded leather belts; sparkly black dinner jackets". Thumbs up for Dean and Dan Caten!

Photos from GQ.com

Don't buy shorts, Make them!

Today I was watching videos of this spring 2010 RTW shows, and saw lots of shorts, and since I don't own many of them, I decided to make them myself. I pulled a pair of black pants I got on my trip to NYC from Topman (for just $10, can you believe it?); and cut them, then fold the bottom twice, just to hide the threads, and voilá! you have a new pair of cool shorts.

April 11, 2010

New clothes & shoes for this spring!

Heey guys! this spring break, I had a trip to San Antonio, Tx with my family, I loved it!, I had never been there and I thought it was beautiful, the river, downtown, the weather was amazing, and the most important thing of all: the malls, lol. I think I went to each and one of the most important ones, I found most of my favorite stores to shop at, except H&M. Anyway, I got some of this stuff there, and the other clothing is from online shopping. What do you think of my choices?



In order of appearance:
- Heritage 1981 sweater
- Zara long sleeve
- Heritage 1981 shirt
- Topman striped sweater
- American Apparel tshirt
- Sperry Topsiders
- Urban Outfitters belt