May 25, 2010


As I told you, I wanted a new pair of eye-glasses, because I was kinda tired of the old ones. Well, I went to this event held by Oliver Peoples at their store in San Diego called "Summer Sessions". They had a DJ playing, drinks for customers, and a very cool environment. I was looking at the glasses, and fell in love with this pair, which I got for an amazing price!

They even gave me a CD with really cool music, thank you so much!

So, do you like them, or you like the old ones more?


  1. now i've forgotten how the other ones looked, BUT i guess it means just one thing - these look quite good on you, especially in the first pic.

    anyways, you just might have one of those faces, that any glasses look god on. is that so? i'll hate you if you say "yes" :)

  2. of course not! I have tried many glasses that look hideous on me.

    and thank you! I'm excited to start wearing them (since I really need glasses to see and haven't send them to the oculist)

  3. I loooveee them! I love tortoise and they look fantastic on you, lemme know when they're ready to wear!

  4. I defenitely <3 how they look on you :)

  5. i like the dark amber colour, and they have a swarv geek chic vibe, very gucci like infact

  6. LOVED the CD, but dad hates it, he said it was nightclub music LOL!