December 7, 2009

Winter must... hats

Working boots was the first must for this winter, now, if you wanna stay cool and look awesome while you fight the cold, you'll need to wear an appropriate hat for that, here are some ideas I want you to take in consideration: ... P.S. beanies are still rocking the house this winter

1) Urban Outfitters Trapper hat - $38
2) Urban Outfitters black beanie

3) Uniqlo $10.50
4) Urban Outfitters cable knit bomber $44

November 27, 2009

Affordable Fashion: Today's Hit

Living in a time affected by economical crisis is kind of hard when you want to look fashionably exceptional, well, not anymore! New clothing companies are rising in the world of fashion, stores that can give you what you need, what's cool and will steal a stare of more than a few people. We can name a lot of these stores, but I'm gonna mention the most important, and most talked about. H&M is leading the affordable fashion market all over the world being one the first to introduce this concept, then we have this cool british brand named Topshop, or Topman for dudes; I personally love this brand because you can wear pieces from it and feel like you're wearing a top designer piece, and it's very different and original, it is not that affordable, but it's worth it.

Affordable fashion does not mean you can wear Aeropostale, or Wal Mart clothes and look totally cool, it means that you find the right pieces at the right affordable stores, here are some of them:

  • H&M
  • Topshop
  • Forever 21
  • Uniqlo

"Whether it's a chunky knit from FCUK or a skinny tie from the superhyped British import Topman, the clothes you can afford right now are the clothes you actually want to wear" (Goldberg, 2009).

November 7, 2009

Styling @ H&M

I was surfing at and I found this amazing section where you can put up a whole style, picking every piece and putting them together in a model, isn't that great? I wish there would be an application like that, but with a lot of different designers, that'd be awesome!

These are the two looks I put up together, do you like em?

October 27, 2009

Fashion Merchandising: Steve Madden

This past friday, I was in this marketing symposium, that the alumni of my major organized, and it was really interesting all of the speakers, I thought they knew exactly what sells and what people wants. A part of this symposium, was a visit to a store or business establishment to know how they operate. I decided to go to Steve Madden, here in Monterrey, Mexico. Before going there, I thought it would be like any other Steve Madden store in the US, very simple... I was wrong, the place was really pretty, like no other common shoe store, the details were very delicate and feminine, as you can see in the pictures.

Two girls talked to us about the fashion merchandising they use in the store. First, they try to create a whole buying experience, since you put a step into the store, to the minute you leave. Then they do the "one to one" marketing strategy, to offer what the costumer wants. The store is structured in a specific way, you can enter and see first the new arrivals, then the seasonal shoes, and at last, the products on sale.

I loved this visit, because I had never really thought about the structure inside a store, and how important is the design and visible elements, like decoration, it's what invites you in, what makes this desire to go inside and explore it.

October 26, 2009

Fall = Boots


This fall is all about the boots!

If you're planning on getting one pair of boots for this fall/winter, you are in the right track. They can go with almost everything and there are many cool styles you can choose from. Here I put some examples:

1) Leather Dr. Marten's $125
2) Red stu rye boot $135
3) Grey sandstorm boot $100
4) Brown creased lace boot $130
5) Dior Homme leather work boot $965

I'm planning on getting one of those, which ones do you recommend?

Fashion meets Marketing

Last friday, I went to a conference leaded by Elena Osuna, she is an image fashion consultant and works for Conceptos, a mexican company dedicated to supervise fashion oriented businesses. This conference was specially about what goes through everyone's minds when we desire to get some piece of clothing or accessories.

The reasons why we buy fashion are:
  • Beauty
  • Identity
  • Acceptance
  • Status
  • Attention
  • Security
  • Exclusivity
Although we don't see it, it is true, we find in fashion a friend who's always there, and it gives you power, power to feel superior, or better. Fashion is something everyone should appreciate, because it's the way you express your personality.

Here are some of the points that Elena made:
  1. Fashion unifies, and it can bring you to a group you would like to belong to.
  2. Emotions and design is the ideal combination.
  3. "Fashion goes beyond embarrassment"
  4. There's no thing as costumer satisfaction, the has to be more than just satisfaction.
What are your thoughts?

October 23, 2009

Marchand and business

Yesterday I asisted to a conference given by Horacio Marchand, he is a specialist in marketing and management. I found very interesting his seminar because it was about media and change in marketing and some of the facts that were so important are:

1) advertising is dead, mouth to mouth is the best advertising you can get.
2) let's get advantege of the social media we have for business.
3) there's no thing as a marketing executive behind a desk and going to meetings; a good marketer involves with the people and studies their behavior.
4) in order to understand te market, we have to become the market, know what's cool and in, and be day to day on the trends, in other words, a good marketer has to be cool.

What do you think of this points?

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October 20, 2009

New York, I love you

This past sunday, I was drinking a cup of latte, and doing some school assignments, when I found out that the movie "New York, I love you" was in theaters in my town. I'd heard from this movie, and watched the trailer, and I was so excited to watch it. As I planned, I went to the movies alone, I know, kinda pathetic, but I didn't want to invite anyone, I needed this alone time, and this seemed the perfect movie for it. Well, what can I tell you, I loved it... it's a wonderful movie that transports you to the big city, and tells you really short stories of the people there, and their lives. If you think it's a movie that's about how great NYC is and it shows you the best part of the city, let me tell you, you're wrong. This film is about how odd it can be to live in one of the most populated cities in the world, and how people relate to each other in certain ways.

If you have the chance to watch it, please do so, you wont regret it. Here's the trailer...

October 13, 2009

Coco avant Chanel

Yesterday, I went to the movies and watched Coco before Chanel, a film based on the life of Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, her beginnings, and involvement with the fashion industry. Audrey Tautou makes a great interpretation of the legendary fashion designer, showing her stiff and unique personality, always wanting to look different from the others.

What I liked most of this movie, was the observation of Coco along all of her life, watching every detail in what people were wearing, and what could have suit better for them, she was a wonderful minded person, who knew what she wanted in life, and she got it, except for one thing.

October 11, 2009

Band of Outsiders: cool, sleek, classic

The cool L.A. fashion houseBand of Outsiders, rocked the house at the presentation of their spring 2010 collection, which is inspired by the classic wealthy californian lifestyle that everyone fantasies to have. Scott Sternberg opted for something simpler this time, a literal interpretation of summer sun, beach, pool mixed with the "schooled boy" tailoring of the brand. "The designer's fantasy summer soundtrack was a composite of Led Zeppelin and Beach Boys beauty Dennis Wilson—more proof of the subtle extremes that define this label's intriguingly perverse personality" (Blanks, 2009).

These are some of the facts that I love about the collection:
  • The mix of a pair of tied shorts, a blazer, and top-siders.
  • The mix of white and camel colors.
  • The elegant and slick look.
  • The preppy look with a rebel touch.
  • The use of braces.
What do you guys think of this collection?, let me know.

October 10, 2009

Destino by Dali and Disney

I was at my art class and my teacher showed us a short film that I found really interesting, it was made by the surrealist painter Saldavor Dali, and the great Walt Disney. They mix their work together to make a wonderful piece of art. This short film was planned in 1946, but it wasn't released, until Walt's grandson Roy, adapted the ideas of the two artists, and created this film; in it, we can see Dali's paints and sculptures, brought to screen with Walt Disney's imagination. I hope you like it, and comment about it.

If you want to watch it in high definition, here is the link: HD Video

October 9, 2009

Marc Jacobs spring 2010 collection

Marc Jacobs just released his new spring 2010 collection, in fashion week @ bryant park, New York. Basically, this collection focuses on the"punk-meets-Riviera vibe", working for the first time with the Renzo Rosso - owned staff International (which produces Dsquared2 and Margiela). I like some pieces like the shorts, and pants; but there's something I don't like about the sandals, they're too feminine. What do you think? Here are some pictures of the collection:

hello blog world

Hi everyone, this is my first blog, I've always wanted to create one, but until now I decided to do it, I hope you like it, and follow me.

I'm gonna post everything that goes through my mind; things I find interesting on the web, funny videos, fashion styles that I like or dislike, event reviews, etc.

Look for my next post,