May 27, 2010

Sarah Burton: McQueen's successor

Sarah Burton was recently named Creative Director for Alexander McQueen, due to the designer's suicidal. She was the second in command of the brand and now, she is the leader. She graduated from Central St. Martins, the same one Alexander attended. Many people have disagreed on the Gucci Group's decision to continue with the label, mainly because they think the true mind and artist is now gone. Maybe they're right, but maybe this girl can still portrait Lee's vision and talent. A simple comparison to this could be Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld.

So do you think she can handle it?


  1. I think she can!! I cant wait :D

  2. as i know nothing about her, it's difficult to jump to any conclusions, BUT i'm sure glad they chose someone from McQueen's team, and not some kind of outsider with a big name.

    i will be looking forward to seeing how it works out!

  3. It is always a lot to handle when one designer takes over a label for what ever reasons. There are always so many expectations and when one has died so tragically as McQueen did the expectations can be even higher. I wish her all the best.

    Fabulous blog!