May 27, 2010

Sarah Burton: McQueen's successor

Sarah Burton was recently named Creative Director for Alexander McQueen, due to the designer's suicidal. She was the second in command of the brand and now, she is the leader. She graduated from Central St. Martins, the same one Alexander attended. Many people have disagreed on the Gucci Group's decision to continue with the label, mainly because they think the true mind and artist is now gone. Maybe they're right, but maybe this girl can still portrait Lee's vision and talent. A simple comparison to this could be Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld.

So do you think she can handle it?

May 25, 2010


As I told you, I wanted a new pair of eye-glasses, because I was kinda tired of the old ones. Well, I went to this event held by Oliver Peoples at their store in San Diego called "Summer Sessions". They had a DJ playing, drinks for customers, and a very cool environment. I was looking at the glasses, and fell in love with this pair, which I got for an amazing price!

They even gave me a CD with really cool music, thank you so much!

So, do you like them, or you like the old ones more?

May 24, 2010

Saks closing doors

Yesterday, I was at Fashion Valley mall in San Diego, California. And it caught my eye that Saks Fifth Avenue is closing its doors, due to underperforming locations to boost its bottom line. They´re closing in San Diego and they already have closed at Portland, Oregon. “The planned closing of our San Diego store is consistent with our strategy of focusing our resources on our most productive stores,” said Saks chief executive Steve Sadove.

The question here is why one of the most prestigious store in the city is going for good. I personaly believe that southern californians are not that interested in high fashion. Another reason could be the economical crisis that we´re still embracing. Some stores could handle it, some of them not. I´m kind of sad that they´re leaving. It gave the mall some kind of status. Oh btw, thay had a cleaning sale with discounts from 10 to 30% off.

May 20, 2010

Fashion against AIDS

Today, H&M is launching a new collection called "Fashion against AIDS", and as the name says it, 25% of the sales from this collection will be donated towards HIV/AIDS prevention projects. The previous video was recorded at Coachella this past April; some of the store's associates spent a day at the festival, showing this new collection to the young music lovers, whom this project is designed for.

I think it'll be a total success, and I'm hoping that they raise a lot of money for that charity. It's a good cause that every fashion enterprise should take in consideration. Thank you H&M!

These are my favorite pieces from the men's collection:
1 2

3 4

1) Shirt $17.95
2) Tank top $12.95
3) Jacket $49.95
4) Trousers $29.95

Here's more info about Fashion Against AIDS

May 19, 2010

I need new glasses

I have a pair of Ermenegildo Zegna glasses since 1 year ago, and I think it's time to get a new pair. I want to stick with plastic, but now I want a rounded shape, and I'm thinking seriously to change from black to brown or transparent maybe; they look kinda cool. What do you think?

Tomorrow I'm going shopping to San Diego, and I think I'm gonna buy them at the Oliver Peoples store at Fashion Valley. I love the brand and the designs, it's such a cool brand. So these are the ones I have on my sight:

May 17, 2010

Goodbye Ugly Betty

One of m favorite shows is now over. Ugly Betty is oof the air for good, after it was cancelled on its fourth season for not having the best raitings. I am kind of sad because this show was very fun to watch, and I also loved the styling by Patricia Fields, the "star stylist" who did an incredible job on this production. I recently read an article about her and her work on this show, check it out!

Betty improved so much since the beginning of the series; she went from being a clumsy ugly girl with braces, to a recognized publisher living in London. All of the characters were amazing, and the story was something different; a lot different than the original production of "Betty la Fea".

I'm gonna miss it :(

May 13, 2010

Vera Felix

Remember about that fashion marketing event that my school hosted?... Well there was another conference about the editorial content of a fashion magazine. It was held by Vera Felix, she's the fashion editor of NYLON in Mexico. She spoke about the importance of portrating the magazine's style in every page of it. I personally think that they have been doing a great job since the begining of the magazine in our country.

She's got a really cool style, and I took the liberty to take a picture of her at the event. She was wearing a very cool blazer with shoulder pads, but she took it off since the weather was really hot. I forgot to ask her about what ahe was wearing... I leave it for you to guess.

A is for Antonio Azzuolo

From the suburbs, straight to the streets of the city, is what I call this fall 2010 collection; made by Antonio Azuolo, a new american designer who's placing his name into the catwalks with a new, different concept of fashion. This collection is about a nicely tailored cowboy, with a spark of modernity. Some of the outfits remind me of the HBO's series "Big Love", I don't know why...

Prior to launching a. a., Antonio Azzuolo served as design director for Ralph Lauren Purple and Black Label, where he dedicated his time to concept and design. Earlier, Azzuolo worked for over ten years at high-end New York and Parisian design institutions such as Herm├Ęs and Kenzo.

Here is his full collection: click

Style Icon #3: Mark Ronson

He's a very popular british DJ, who also happened to be dating Amy Winehouse for a while (seriously Mark?!?!); and he happens to be a very stylish guy. He always chooses different pieces that do not go toghether but it doesn't matter because me makes them look totaly cool.

He recently colaborated with Gucci, in the making of a pair of shoes, which I find kind of cool, very british style, although I can't say that I see myself buying them, to be honest.

These shoes are for sale only at the GUCCI Icon Temporary store, which is travelling around the world to meet every fashionista interested in unique sneakers. Ronson is the face of this project. Here is a video of this new Gucci's idea, so you can understand better:

May 9, 2010

Style Icon #2: Scott Schuman

Scott Schuman, aka "The Sartorialist" is a fashion photographer with great sense of style. He walks by the streets of NYC, Tokyo, Milan looking for people dressed kind of different than the group of normal citizens; to take a snap and post it on his blog The Sartorialist.

He's a perfect role model for anyone who wants to work in the fashion industry.

"I thought I could shoot people on the street the way designers looked at people, and get and give inspiration to lots of people in the process. My only strategy when I began The Sartorialist was to try and shoot style in a way that I knew most designers hunted for inspiration" (Schuman)

Here is the link to his blog, The Sartorialist:

Style Icon #1: Jay-Z

Jay-Z is one of the most stylish male celebrities out there. He always pulls a cool loose outfit mixed with really expensive accessories that separates him from all of the typical rap singers.

May 1, 2010

Attention fashion marketing lovers

Fashion designers create stuff that people buy at stores, or boutiques; but how do this clothing pieces or accessories hit the stores, and what makes the consumer want something from a designer so much, well, that's basically the job of a fashion merchandiser.

Since I want to focus my career on that area of the industry, I was very interested about an article I read about how a good fashion marketing school can get you a career in fashion, and I found it very helpful. I love business management, and marketing, of which I'm getting a bachelors degree on. And I'm planning to get to a prestigious design school after I graduate to start a masters in fashion marketing or fashion merchandising; that would be like my top goal, I hope it becomes true.

A good designer is nothing without a great marketing strategy, right?

Which school would you guys recommend me?