July 13, 2010

Summer Essentials

Summer isn't over yet. The heat is still on the streets and you can't miss your style. I thought of the things you should have for this summer.

They make every outfit look totally cool, and for this summer, it's a Must Have.
Clubmaster Ray-bans
These Clubmaster Ray-Bans are amazing, I tried them, but they were too small for my face, it's a shame...
Fedora Hat
A great way to cover from the sun burn, and a very stylish one.
Although shorts are essential for every summer, this season you have to wear them literally "short" and a little tight.
Supima T-shirt
I completely love Supima Cotton, it feels really soft and comfortable on your skin, and also fresh. You definitely have to get one of these t-shirts. They're available at Bloomingdale's. And I think Uniqlo also uses Supima cotton for some of their clothing.

Now you have my recommendations for the rest of this summer, I hope you have an extraordinary one!!

What else would you add?


  1. The green shoes are fantastic. Do you know where to buy them and what they cost? A friend of mine will (hopefully) get the boating certificate next month. Could be a perfect present for her! Very good post, very interesting blog!

  2. Thank you Joe!!
    I think those are from last season, and Sperry is not carrying them anymore, but you could try e-bay, or see if they still have them on the stores like Nordstrom or Journeys, I think they´re arround $55 - $60 dollars. They´re amazing, I agree with you :)

    I love your blog btw
    Godd luck finding them

  3. Everything you mention is definitely an essential. My fave shoes at the moment are a bright orange pair of Sperry Topsiders I bought last year in Montreal

  4. oooh I haven't seen them but they sound amazing, I own 4 pairs of Sperry top-siders, it's an addiction...

  5. great sunglases:)
    i like your blog.

    I'll follow you if you'll follow me: