April 11, 2010

New clothes & shoes for this spring!

Heey guys! this spring break, I had a trip to San Antonio, Tx with my family, I loved it!, I had never been there and I thought it was beautiful, the river, downtown, the weather was amazing, and the most important thing of all: the malls, lol. I think I went to each and one of the most important ones, I found most of my favorite stores to shop at, except H&M. Anyway, I got some of this stuff there, and the other clothing is from online shopping. What do you think of my choices?



In order of appearance:
- Heritage 1981 sweater
- Zara long sleeve
- Heritage 1981 shirt
- Topman striped sweater
- American Apparel tshirt
- Sperry Topsiders
- Urban Outfitters belt

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