November 19, 2012

Lorena Saravia: Spring 2013

Black, white, and earthy colors were the main choices by Lorena Saravia to put a new statement on Mexican Fashion. In her words "this collection was inspired by women's bipolarity. Some of the pieces are made by two opposite yarns, like silk and leather. To me that's how women are nowadays, opposite but still strong".

She worked for Macario Jiménez before starting her own line. Lorena thinks that it is very complicated for her, because Mexicans are not into buying local products. She thanks Mercedes Benz for starting this initiative and putting Mexico on the fashion map.

I got to ask her a question, and I asked her how would she describe the ideal Lorena Saravia costumer (I'm a Marketer, and these kind of things are important to me). Her answer was "A woman that dresses in Lorena Saravia is a woman who knows exactly what she wants. I try to reflect my personality into the clothes. When I wear some of my designs, I feel confident, and that's what we try to give women who chose to wear Lorena Saravia, confidence".

Her collection was one of the few I liked at MBFW Mexico. She plays with silhouettes and fabrics. Every piece looks well tailored and I could totally picture it in the streets of Stockholm were they're in love with simplicity and high fashion. I love that she chose that hairdo and that dark lipgloss, it looks very gothic.

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