May 24, 2010

Saks closing doors

Yesterday, I was at Fashion Valley mall in San Diego, California. And it caught my eye that Saks Fifth Avenue is closing its doors, due to underperforming locations to boost its bottom line. They´re closing in San Diego and they already have closed at Portland, Oregon. “The planned closing of our San Diego store is consistent with our strategy of focusing our resources on our most productive stores,” said Saks chief executive Steve Sadove.

The question here is why one of the most prestigious store in the city is going for good. I personaly believe that southern californians are not that interested in high fashion. Another reason could be the economical crisis that we´re still embracing. Some stores could handle it, some of them not. I´m kind of sad that they´re leaving. It gave the mall some kind of status. Oh btw, thay had a cleaning sale with discounts from 10 to 30% off.


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  2. i was there also and it sucked i could not believe they were closing my all time favorite store!