February 14, 2010

Adam Kimmel, fall 2010

It's fashion week everyone!, I'm so excited to see what the designers have to offer this season, and to start with the right foot, I'm choosing Adam Kimmel, this amazing designer / architecture that brings a working man style, mixed with his ideas of art, which I think is the perfect combination. For this fall, he plays with primary colors like red and blue; and velvet, a fabric that not all designers dare to use. I also loved the models wearing freakish masks, it kind of gives the outfit some personality and of course, the branding that is very important today, if anyone wants to make it into this world.

Speaking of fashion week, this tuesday one of the most amazing / creative designers of all time died, Alexander "Lee" McQueen. I'm very sad for this event, and the fashion industry couldn't be more devastated for his loss during the most important event of the year. My condolences to his family. His empire will live forever.

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