January 6, 2012

Shoe Obsession, oh and my new Cambridge Satchel

These past couple of days, I've been so obsessed buying shoes, I don't know why. Here are the pairs I've gotten:

 H&M Brown Boots

 Classic White Converse

 New Balance sneakers

 H&M Brown Oxfords

 Dr. Marten's baby blue suede oxfords

AND the most exciting acquisition... my Neon green Cambridge Satchel!! I ordered it online and they custom made it for me. Can't wait to wear it.


  1. OMG L-O-V-E the bag!! And the Dr.Marten shoes are also super hot. Miss you love!

  2. Eduardo! Oh My God!! It's been forever (foreign student girl...2010...from CANADA)!!! Glad to see that you're still doing your thing ;) Two years later... Damn! Love Love Love your style, and your approach ayaya Follow me, I've just lunched a new blog, hopefully we'll keep in touch. BISOUS!