October 26, 2012

My weekend at Teen Vogue

So this weekend was Teen Vogue Fashion University. I have been attending this amazing event for 3 years now and I cant still have enough of it. You get to see so many important people from the industry and they give advice to follow on your career. It's an experience every fashion lover that wants to work in the industry must have.

First they threw us a party at H&M, giving away 25% off! Isn't that nuts? The party was pretty cool and Blondfire played while all the Fashionistas shopped.
 Saturday was a pretty busy day for me. Starting at 8am, we headed to The Hudson Theater at Boradway, to get started with our seminars. The opening speaker was Grace Coddington. I admire her work so much, I can't even start. She talked about becoming Creative Director of american Vogue, and how she keeps, being "creative" in today's world.
 The next speaker I picked was Olivier Theyskens. He is full of energy and charismatic. I think it was my favorite seminar of the event. Theyskens talked about being creative director of both Theory and Theysken's Theory, and how he sees the different two labels.
Nicole Richie was ADORABLE. I got to ask her something about her career and her answer was really interesting. I love this about TVFU, you have the amazing opportunity to ask the heads of the fashion industry any question you have.
We had a lunchbreak, and then it was time for the Editorial Floor Tour. They gave us an exclusive tour around the Teen Vogue offices at the Condé Nast building. The closet was my favorite room. It's so full of color and so many shoes! it's crazy.

I also got to hear Philip Lim and the Teen Vogue editors talking about their careers and how they got to the point they're right now.

I'll be posting more about this weekend. Because there IS so much more. Stay tuned!

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