February 17, 2010

Bloggers = free advertising

I recently read an article talking about how brands should take in consideration the big market of bloggers, in order to get to know their target market, to make business strategies. I think it is very true what is said here; bloggers are a massive source of information to costumers, and a great thing about them, is that blogs are already segmented (divided by personalities, ages, topics, etc), and the market expert has nothing to do, but search for the right ones, depending on the product.

Fashion bloggers day to day post about new clothing lines, cool accesories, new brands, about designers, runways, trends, etc. Letting the blog reader appreciate the brand or designer shown on the blog; and for instance, keeping that information for future buying. Blog readers tend to believe more in a blog, than a magazine ad, or t.v. ... So brands get all the advertising without paying a penny.

So what brands should do is focus their attention in bloggers, and find the most popular ones, or the ones that reach their target market, and contact them, show their products, give them some samples, and the blogger will most likely post about it, and a really big audience will see it and will make an impact on them and the brand.

So, if you want to give me some samples, I'll post for sure about them ;)

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