February 17, 2010

No Job for me

Hey guys, I haven't been posting lately because I'm very busy with school, but I always take my time to give you an update of what's going on with my life. This past week, I went to American Apparel, here in Monterrey, Mexico, and asked for a job. I wanted to work there because it's a cool brand and I like most of the pieces they sell, and since I live in Mexico, well, there are not too many cool stores to work at.

Before going there, I obviously thought of dressing very cool and fashionable, since I was asking for a clothing brand job, and I've heard they're very selective at that matter. Finally, I found the perfect outfit, skinny jeans. a pretty cool t-shirt from topman, a black synthetic leather American Apparel zipper hoodie, and my light blue shoes from Urban Outfitters.

When I got there, they told me that the regional manager was in town and she'd be glad to interview me, and I was very nervous, because it was my first job. I spoke to her, she took two pictures of me, gave her my resumé and told me to send it by email, altogether with some pictures of me. When she mentioned the pictures, I thought of doing a shoot with the coolest clothes from my closet, mixed with some pieces from the store, of course; these are some of them:

After not hearing from her in one week, I sent her an email, asking what was going on, if they wanted me or not. She answered quote: "thanks for your persistence, but I don't think this is going to work out"... ok? WTF?!?!?

Who wants to work for them anyways, lol

What do you think of the pictures?


  1. the elmo shirt is sooo sexy..can i borrow it..lol you have style..

  2. thanx yaya, sure you can borrow it!