November 14, 2012

Keep it popping @ Mexico City

I am at Mexico City! I was invited by Mercedes Benz to MB Fashion Week Mexico. At first I thought, "Well I don't know any Mexican Designer, It would be a great opportunity to get to know them and support my Country". To be honest, I've been amazed by how developed the Fashion Industry is here. I had no idea that there were so many Mexican cool designers. I'm gonna be doing some posts later about their work.

This was the second day of MBFW. The first day I wore something pretty boring. So this day I decided to go a bit out of the box. I'm wearing:

Shirt: Topman
Jeans: Uniqlo
Cap: H&M
Bag: Cambridge Satchel
Sneakers: Vans by KENZO

1 comment:

  1. me enamore de tu camiseta!