November 19, 2012

Pink Magnolia: Baby Light My Fire

It was 10:00 pm at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week tent at Santa Fe, Mexico City, and the lights were on. The splash of hot pink and sparkles were taking the runway. Baby Light my Fire, Pink Magnolia's spring 2013 collection was all about bright fabrics, Swarovsky crystals and being crazy while still keeping that chic factor. 

The next morning I was at their showroom, located at the very heart of Mexico City, the Independence Angel. Paulina, their lovely PR let me in and introduced me to their past collections such as Madeline Rocks and Conccita. She let me took some pictures while Pamela Wong was on her way to meet us. Pamela is the CEO of the company and Paola's sister, the creative director at Pink Magnolia. Both of them run the business with a lot of determination and enthusiasm.

Interviewing Pamela, she told us that "Baby Light My fire is inspired by the female firefly flashing her lights to attract attention, and it's her way of flirting" . You can easily see that in the whole collection. They collaborated with Disney and Swarovsky to make this collection so dreamy, yet wearable. The piece that wowed my was the messenger mag with pink leds on the strap. That's something innovative and truly cool.

Pink Magnolia is a Mexican label to be watched. We need these kind of fashion houses in our country, in order for the fashion industry to grow. And the Wong sisters are doing an incredible job. I'll leave you with some of the showroom pictures from my visit. Enjoy!

Previous pictures are from the Baby Light My Fire collection (Spring 2013)

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