May 13, 2010

Style Icon #3: Mark Ronson

He's a very popular british DJ, who also happened to be dating Amy Winehouse for a while (seriously Mark?!?!); and he happens to be a very stylish guy. He always chooses different pieces that do not go toghether but it doesn't matter because me makes them look totaly cool.

He recently colaborated with Gucci, in the making of a pair of shoes, which I find kind of cool, very british style, although I can't say that I see myself buying them, to be honest.

These shoes are for sale only at the GUCCI Icon Temporary store, which is travelling around the world to meet every fashionista interested in unique sneakers. Ronson is the face of this project. Here is a video of this new Gucci's idea, so you can understand better:


  1. O'h la la Ronson 21st is a Century style dude playful yet classic cool post!

    take a peek follow if you like :)