October 26, 2009

Fall = Boots


This fall is all about the boots!

If you're planning on getting one pair of boots for this fall/winter, you are in the right track. They can go with almost everything and there are many cool styles you can choose from. Here I put some examples:

1) Leather Dr. Marten's $125 www.drmartens.com
2) Red stu rye boot $135 www.urbanoutfitters.com
3) Grey sandstorm boot $100 www.urbanoutfitters.com
4) Brown creased lace boot $130 www.topman.com
5) Dior Homme leather work boot $965 www.saks.com

I'm planning on getting one of those, which ones do you recommend?

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely collection of shoes . Boots are my favorite. I love boots with fashionable dresses. I always prefer the black shoes most. I will prefer the black boots with my burberry trench coat