October 27, 2009

Fashion Merchandising: Steve Madden

This past friday, I was in this marketing symposium, that the alumni of my major organized, and it was really interesting all of the speakers, I thought they knew exactly what sells and what people wants. A part of this symposium, was a visit to a store or business establishment to know how they operate. I decided to go to Steve Madden, here in Monterrey, Mexico. Before going there, I thought it would be like any other Steve Madden store in the US, very simple... I was wrong, the place was really pretty, like no other common shoe store, the details were very delicate and feminine, as you can see in the pictures.

Two girls talked to us about the fashion merchandising they use in the store. First, they try to create a whole buying experience, since you put a step into the store, to the minute you leave. Then they do the "one to one" marketing strategy, to offer what the costumer wants. The store is structured in a specific way, you can enter and see first the new arrivals, then the seasonal shoes, and at last, the products on sale.

I loved this visit, because I had never really thought about the structure inside a store, and how important is the design and visible elements, like decoration, it's what invites you in, what makes this desire to go inside and explore it.

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