October 10, 2009

Destino by Dali and Disney

I was at my art class and my teacher showed us a short film that I found really interesting, it was made by the surrealist painter Saldavor Dali, and the great Walt Disney. They mix their work together to make a wonderful piece of art. This short film was planned in 1946, but it wasn't released, until Walt's grandson Roy, adapted the ideas of the two artists, and created this film; in it, we can see Dali's paints and sculptures, brought to screen with Walt Disney's imagination. I hope you like it, and comment about it.

If you want to watch it in high definition, here is the link: HD Video

1 comment:

  1. Euh, interesting combo, Dali and Disney, would be very proud if i were Mr. Disney.
    Anyways, nice blog, keep up!