October 26, 2009

Fashion meets Marketing

Last friday, I went to a conference leaded by Elena Osuna, she is an image fashion consultant and works for Conceptos, a mexican company dedicated to supervise fashion oriented businesses. This conference was specially about what goes through everyone's minds when we desire to get some piece of clothing or accessories.

The reasons why we buy fashion are:
  • Beauty
  • Identity
  • Acceptance
  • Status
  • Attention
  • Security
  • Exclusivity
Although we don't see it, it is true, we find in fashion a friend who's always there, and it gives you power, power to feel superior, or better. Fashion is something everyone should appreciate, because it's the way you express your personality.

Here are some of the points that Elena made:
  1. Fashion unifies, and it can bring you to a group you would like to belong to.
  2. Emotions and design is the ideal combination.
  3. "Fashion goes beyond embarrassment"
  4. There's no thing as costumer satisfaction, the has to be more than just satisfaction.
What are your thoughts?

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